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Our Philosophy

     Our philosophy is that every child and every parent is unique.  Therefore, every child and every parent will be engaged by our staff with a respectful and personal relationship. 
     We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know every child and every parent, understanding the child who needs a hug every morning when they enter the building or the parent who always runs 15 minutes late because they have to get their morning coffee to survive.  We understand the children who need to move around more throughout the day and the parent who may be exhausted from no sleep the night before. 
   Our Learning Center is a whole family experience providing support to neuro-typical children, children with developmental delays, children with minor medical conditions.         

Our Mission 

     Our mission is to provide a safe, caring, supportive individualized learning environment to children Preschool Age 3 through 12th Grade.   

     Every child has a unique way of experiencing, processing and gaining knowledge from their environment. The DLC will foster the Learning Style and Skill Level of your child's Multiple Intelligence using a multi-sensory approach where children will experience learning through visual, auditory, touch, taste, spatial awareness/body movement/kinesthetics, interpersonal/intrapersonal, academics and natural environment real life experiences. 

     We hope to eventually be able to provide family services to parents including counseling. 

     We are currently working in conjunction with North Florida Therapy ( across the street from our school to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to our students through private pay insurance.  

      Specialized ABA Social Skills Early Care, After Care, school closure days as well as summer ABA programs through our sister company Licini, Inc.  

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